Dear parents,

welcome to our new trilingual Kindergarten and Nursery, a part of the Metropolitan International School, at SoHo Turley in Mannheim Neckarstadt. 

At the Metropolitan International school, we understand that you want to maintain the love and care you have given your child, in their first days at a school. Apart of this care is to look into their future, and understanding the importance that commanding a range of languages may give in the global world. This is most important now as young age is the best time to learn and practise language.


At our school we are aware that this is true not only for languages, but for natural Sciences, Music, and Art. In fact we explore many aspects of learning before the age of six, allowing your pupils to grow and develop even more. As they have learnt to speak their mother tongue with you, at the MIS this learning will blossom and grow earlier than those at alternative schools.

The gift of language will continue to benefit our learners throughout their school careers and into their working lives. We pride ourselves on the high level or multiple languages our learners can achieve, and the term 'trilingial' is very common when describing our pupils' abilities. For many of our parents this is one of the most fulfilling feelings, to be watching their child happily fulfilling their path in life.

Children in Kindergarten or Primary School need extra care to help them achieve and feel successful. Working with you, the teachers and using the most relevant research and pedagogical knowledge, we aspire to create the best learning environment for your child.


We can immerse your child in many of the best fields of knowledge. From mathematics to literature and social leadership, they will develop and benefit in later school learning and in their further adult lives.

At the MIS we make sure that the children's learning is suited, taught and measured in line with their abilities.

We strive to ensure that they are really acquiring the languages and actually 'living' German, Spanish and English as if they were their mother languages

 For many of our parents this is one of the most reassuring feelings, to be watching their child happily fulfilling their path in life.

Our individual care and support is something we pride ourselves on. As we believe, that besides your daily love, you can’t give much more to your child for a fulfilled future.


Best regards

Julia Bentgens
Managing Director



Nothing can strengthen human kind more than the trust you instill in the people

Paul Claudel

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